People with bad moods-

it’s so incredibly hard being around someone who is grouchy all the time! And then of course they blame you for being “sensitive” no your just a rude bitch. People who are in the wrong get defensive 99% of the time. I think the worst part however is that they start to wear off on you, they say you become like the people your most around and how can you help be around family? I love to be happy and around people having fun laughing enoying life. I know I can be negative sometimes but I prefer to think of it more as being real than anything im over thinking a magical thing will happen. Can something good happen? Or course but let’s be real it’s probably not going to turn out as sparkly as you hope. I seem to have lost a few friends over the years mostly because people get to busy to care about you except when they need you or want something which also really ticks me off but that’s another blog lol. The funniest part about this person is that they are so nice to everyone else!!! It’s like she takes all her issues and pissed off moods out on me and everyone else is like she’s so nice…. But I’m over here like umm no. Why do people do that?? Why do we treat those closest to us the worst and strangers the best- I feel like we have it all wrong. Not saying being mean to strangers but you know what I’m saying right??  Why do we work that way? Is a comfort level thing.

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