Happy ever after….Duff?

happily ever afterSo tonight I watched the movie “Duff.” The trailers made me laugh and to be completely honest I’m pretty sure I myself am a Duff, and like the movie says if your not sure that means it’s you. I can accept that I know all my friends are gorgeous and yes all the guys ask about them, I thought oh this movie will give me a laugh and feel semi normal or at least slightly relate able like ” hahaha that is totally me.” So there was a few parts that did just that but in fact for the majority of the movie and the end it actually made me feel worse! You remember that movie the one that’s been done a million times where the hot guy makes the nerd girl hot and they fall in love…..then you don’t need to watch this one.

Since when has there ever happened? and why does Hollywood feel the need to ugly out a gorgeous actress only to make her hot again and throw in a super hot guy who’s going to fall in love with her, it’s almost worse than Disney at least we know animals don’t clean and fairy godmothers don’t really exist. Deep down we know this to, the “Duff” doesn’t get the hot guy, we don’t get to make the super popular hot girl feel dumb, and I actually feel even more Duffier now then I did before the movie. With full understanding its a movie and its fake for once I would love to watch a movie where the girl doesn’t get the guy, where she goes home alone puts on yoga pants and watches netflix while texting her friends about lame guys are while drinking a glass of wine. Maybe she wakes up the next day gets super pretty goes shopping and it closes with her laughing with friends at lunch….that’s how it really works.

That is how we really get over being a duff, or being dumped, or feeling alone. Its movies that makes us cry, movies that make us feel strong, friends, ice cream at 1am and yoga pants. Reading a book, yoga classes its about finding you and living a life that keeps you fulfilled and happy. I want to see a movie that tells women its ok to be single and powerful and own that shit! Its ok to save yourself you can be happy without the “Happily ever after” love story. We place our value in relationships, our confidence in if a man wants us, and our happy attached to a mans arm. Hollywood give me a story like Brave and Frozen, even Disney beat you to the punch of giving us a women who doesn’t need a “strong man” to save her.

I am fully aware I might never find true love, and also that some day I might meet the most amazing man ever thus eating most of the worst I have said and typed. I won’t hold my breath for the later of the two. I am by far the least confident person you will meet- but for the love of single women everywhere alone on our couches can we please watch a movie where the girl doesn’t get the guy, its become so predicable its almost a waste to watch them. Bridesmaids for example hilarious movie laughed the whole time fantastic because we’ve all been there, but even then she gets the “amazing man” who comes in and saves her lonely horrible life. More Elsa less Cinderella guys- Thanks from all us single ladies.


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